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Paul Weiler

Data Analyst - Programmer - Personality Researcher

Data Analytics

Under Construction- Adding new projects

link to R eve market prediction
A Shiny App designed to predict the prices of items in the MMO Eve using ARIMA forecasting. A walkthrough of how I did it (with source code)
link to R canadian pollution by source
A Shiny App designed to quickly and easily compare pollution by industry.

link to Rscoring Git repo
R functions I wrote to automate tasks I do frequently as a grad student. This is mostly scoring psychology scales and generating APA format for publications.
SNA graph
This visualization was created for a lecture I gave on creating social networks in R. I used data I collected from a research experiment on Minecraft.

ggplot walkthrough
This ggplot example was inspired by a friend who asked for graphing help. It covers data formatting and a basic ggplot usage example in R.
rick and morty graph
Expanded Image
This graph looks at the Nielson ratings (as reported by Wikipedia) for the show Rick and Morty compared to the Google Search trends for the term "Rick and Morty".Heres my Python code I gathered the data from Wikipedia and Google Trends. Heres the compiled data


I want to help people create compelling and easy to read data visualizations in order to reach a broad audience. I really enjoy using statistics and my programming skills to create unique, useful visuals.

My research has focused on predicting patterns in virtual environments based on personality measures, as well as developing and testing a model designed to explain why people are spending increasing more and more of their time online. This model is known as "The Great Fantasy Migration".

Additional Skills

  • Full stack C# developer
  • Android Development (Java)
  • Java
  • MS Office
  • Eclipse IDE experience
  • Visual Studio/VS Code
Hardware/Client Experience
  • Experience managing IT helpdesk
  • Experience repairing desktops PC's and laptops
  • 2+ Years as Linux server admin
  • Autoit
  • Shell Scripting
  • Ruby Scripting